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The attention of Customers respectfully directed to the following Trade Terms and Conditions and which all articles are accepted

  • Nature condition and value of consignments are unknown Global Packers & Movers (hereinafter called the Company). The company carries the goods packed at owner’s risk.
  • The company does not guarantee delivery within any specified time and the company shall not be liable for any delay on delivery in transit.
  • The consignor making a false declaration of the contents, descriptions, qualities of the goods carried will be held liable for the damage which the company may sustain as a result of such false declaration; consignor will therefore declare goods correctly and take every precaution to adhere the rules, regulations of customs in force from time to time. The company will not be responsible if any goods are declared as contraband or confiscated by any Government Authorities.
  • The Company shall not be liable for any loss or damage due to pilferage, theft, weather conditions, strikes riots disturbance, fire explosion, or accident. However all precautions are taken against such contingencies.
  • Delivery of goods should be taken from company’s go down within five days of the arrival failing which go down rent of Rs. 150/- per day will be charged. The consignor or consignee or other holder of G.C. shall ascertain the date and time of arrival from the company.
  • The company undertakes to and shall deliver the goods in the like order and conditions as received subject to any deterioration in condition of goods regulating from natural causes like effect of temperature, weather condition etc. to the consignee of his assigning on the relative receipt being surrendered to the company duly discharged by Bank through which the receipt has been negotiated or to the holder of the receipt producing a letter from such bank authorizing delivery of the goods and the holder of receipt entitled to take delivery.
  • The Company has the right to re-wigh, re-measure, re-classify, re-calculate the rates at the place of destination before delivery for reason assigned in writing and only in the presence of the holder of the receipt or his duly authorized agent to collect any commission or under charge
  • The company reserves the right to refuse goods for transport without assigning any reason.
  • The company shall have the right to dispose of perishable goods lying undelivered after 48 hours of arrival without any notice and other goods after 30 days of arrival after issuing notice in writing to the consignor holder and the claimant shall be entitled to the proceeds less freight and demurrage.
  • The company shall not be responsible if the goods are detained, seized or confiscated by the Government Authorities.
  • The consignor shall be responsible to any transport charges and all other incidental charges if any as Bengaluru or as such other agreed place.
  • The company shall have the right to entrust the goods to any other lorry or service for transportation, in the event of the goods being so entrusted by the company to another carrier who will continue to be responsible for the safety of the goods and for their due delivery at the destination.
  • No suit shall be filed against the company in respect of any consignment without a claim made in writing and preferred within 39 days from the date of booking or from the date arrival at destination by party concerned.
  • The court of Bhopal alone has the jurisdiction in respect of all claims and matters arising under the consignment or of the goods entrusted for transport.
  • The minimum charge of a consignment will be of 5kgs. Bulky and light articles will be charged on volume basis e.f.s is equivalent 20 kgs.